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Fire of Love

Fire of Love

Teachings on the Holy Spirit

Canticle of the Bridegroom

Extracts from True Life in God Messages

Original Handwriting

(Photographic reproduction of the original manuscript) Volumes : 1 – […]

My Angel Daniel

This book contains the 4 ‘Angel’ Notebooks of early messages […]

Unity – Virtue of Love

Extracts of messages on the Unity. Presents us with God's own way to achieving true Christian Unity.
Prayer Books & Extracts
Mary, Gate to Heaven, Co-Redemptress of your Redeemer

Mary, Gate to Heaven, Co-Redemptress of your Redeemer

Extracts from "True Life in God"
The Two Witnesses

The Two Witnesses

...and in the end Our Two Hearts Shall Triumph Extracts from "True Life in God", 1995
The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

Extracts from "True Life in God"

TLIG book of prayers

Selected prayers taken from the True Life in God messages

Prayer Meeting Guidelines

This booklet (5 1/2 x 4") provides suggested prayers, meditations and devotions used by TLIG prayer groups.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Selections from True Life in God Messages
Theological studies

Theological Review

This book demonstrates the supernatural character of the TLIG revelations.
Read a review by Lucien Lombard.
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Vassula Ryden and the writings know as True Life in God

A Short Theological and Spiritual Appreciation by Fr John Abberton and Sister Ann Shields

Vassula, ‘True Life in God’ and the Vatican

Fr John Abberton has written here a simple and clear summary...

Invitation to be one with Christ

A Modern Prophecy in The Light of Jewish and Christian Symbolism
presentations in Asia 1998

True Life in God presentations in Asia 1998

Vassula and Rome

Vassula and Rome

Michael Dore, 1996 English edition, 39 pages
Touched by the Spirit of God

Touched by the Spirit of God – first in a series

Insights into “True Life in God”
Touched by the Spirit of God

Touched by the Spirit of God – second in a series

Part I : Vassula and the CFD Part II : […]
Bearer of the Light

Bearer of the Light

Vassula, “Mediatrix of divided Christians” Michael O’Carroll, C.S.Sp., 1994
Vassula of the Sacred Heart's Passion

Vassula of the Sacred Heart’s Passion

When God gives a Sign

When God gives a Sign

A Response to Objections Made Against Vassula by abbot René […]

The Vassula enigma

Written without any positive or negative prejudice from a series of interviews Vassula granted to Jacques Neirynck.
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