Here are testimonies from a few of the people who attended a True Life in God retreat in Chicago, USA on Jan 8, 2016.  The theme of the retreat was “My Holy Spirit is the Breath of the Church”

My name is Jamie, I’m from Kansas City, MO., I was a lukewarm Christian. I never really truly understood how to be completely committed and dedicated to Jesus, and how to love, and how to be a Christian, and how to forgive, and have mercy. Through these messages, my spiritual growth exploded! I live my life through scripture and through these messages. These messages from True Life in God are so powerful and such a gift from God!

My name is Mark, from Independence, MO., I’ve been following the True Life in God messages of for 24 years. It (the messages) is a guide for my day, it is oftentimes an answer of what has happened in the past day, questions that I have, concerns that I have that I have brought to Jesus. Jesus has given me the grace to understand, to take Him with me always, and further He has developed that to start with His Father, so that I say, “Come Lord, let us go together” and ask the Holy Spirit to be with us, and Jesus, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

My name is Chanelle and I’m from Kansas City, MO., I’m all about love and peace and want everyone to get along. It made me feel so much better to know that there are these people (the TLIG followers) out there that want EVERYBODY not just Catholics, not just Roman Catholics, not just Protestants, but EVERYBODY to be in UNITY in Jesus! What the TLIG retreats and what the messages are all about is totally fascinating and compelling and you can just tell that Jesus is in this (TLIG messages). I love it. I’m glad that this came into my life because it’s totally changed me, my relationship with Jesus is closer than it’s ever been. I think I know Jesus more now, than I have ever known (Him).

My name is Chuck Morton, Jesus, through the True Life in God messages says, “spread My message, let My people know, you are the messenger, just plant the seed, and let Me take it from there, let the Holy Spirit will water it from there. True Life in God taught me to love others, love my family, love my friends, you may not LIKE what they do, but you still LOVE everybody. So It’s (the TLIG messages) changed my life. God knows where I would be if I didn’t find the True Life in God messages, but it saved my life and it IS my life, my breath, everything to me. And my family, my friends, my neighbors, I want everybody to know about it but praise God and glorify His Name!