Mexico Retreat: here are some excerpts of what people said:

“When she talked about unity, how unity is not just in the Churches, but for everything, our relationships, families, and things like that.”

“Unforgettable, when Vassula speaks its incredible, unforgettable.”

“Very inspiring, very enriching retreat.”

“I’m from Los Angeles, and I came to Mexico City for this retreat, I’m very blessed to be here, and it’s really reviving…; When she (Vassula) said that we come here and we take; we take all this information and we take all the blessings, but it is so important for us to also give! And that touched me because I started questioning myself if I am really giving despite the fact that I talk to a lot of people about TLIG, but I still question myself, but I will take that back home and think about it and try to work more for Our Lord. ”

“My name is Sema, it is not my first retreat, I was in Medjugorje (with Vassula), and I read the messages (of TLIG), I know Vassula, I know these blessings (from TLIG), I’ve repented myself and follow Jesus’ Way.”

“My name is Rosemary Garza, I live near Austin, Texas, what I’ve really enjoyed is all the diversity here. All the different countries (represented), all the different languages, it feels like a family; everyone has been so very kind, I’ve never been to a place where everyone is so nice to you and helpful. It has been awesome.”


Many people experienced visions of Jesus, Jesus with Vassula, Jesus’ face over the face of Vassula, etc.

Many life-changing experiences.

People from Columbia, Peru, many Hispanic countries sharing their experiences at the retreat in Mexico.