She began watching the first tape and shortly after the tape began Vassula’s head was replaced by the head and face of our Lord Jesus. There was no aura or halo about or around our Lord’s Head. It was as if our Lord simply replaced Vassula. During the tape, Doloras got up quietly and went into the bathroom to freshen up. She said she was atraid she was becoming “obsessive” by seeing this vision and thought that a break from the tape might get things back to “normal”. When she returned to her place, Jesus was still there so she decided to just sit through the tapes and figure it out later. When the tapes were finished, she said to her friends that she thought that the “special effect” of Jesus’s head replacing Vassula’s was a nice touch. Everyone looked at her. No one else in the group had seen the apparition except Doloras. 
(S. C., USA, 1994)