On Vassula’s talk, the 12 of February, 1994 at Manates, Puerto Rico, she was explaining and reading the messages she receive from Jesus. As I was sitting on the front seat close to the podium, I could see her better than the rest of the people sitting far away. All of a sudden, when I look at her, I didn’t see her face, I saw the face of Jesus, a very clean cut face with his hair in a pony tail. … I looked around seeing other faces but then I looked at Vassula again I kept seeing Jesus face. I shivered and was filled of deep emotion. … After this, at one point, of the Conference instead of Vassula’s face I saw her head covered with the mantle of the Blessed Virgin. I didn’t see her face or any face, just the mantle, the way some sculptures make her statue in heavy thick layers of clay showing the folds of the mantle. 
(A. F. F., Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, February, 1994)