I saw Vassula Ryden for the first time at a home in Fairfield. I was seated in the audience about 50 feet away from her as she spoke. After she had been speaking about a half hour, I began to see the face of Jesus in Vassula. Her face changed to the face of Christ similar to one that she has painted. He had a beard and long hair, and there seemed to be a mist surrounding him. I should point out that at this time I had not seen the face she painted. It was not until the next day someone showed it to me, and I realized the similarity. … Then, several minutes before her talk ended, I saw Christ’s face again, but this time He had a crown of thorns, and I could actually see blood dripping down the sides of His face. … Vassula’s face returned as she was ending her talk. 
(S. A. P., Orange, USA, June 1994)