The experience happened one afternoon as I was playing with my 3 year old granddaughter Krystal, who at the time was reciting names of family members from pictures hanging on my living room walls. Among these portraits was a picture of Jesus. She pointed to Jesus, said his name, turned to me looking directly into my eyes said `Vassula’, for a moment I was stunned, I had to ask her what she had said and looking still in my eyes, the name `Vassula’ was stated. Knowing that my granddaughter had never heard this word or would have been able to pronounce it in such clarity as she had done. I called my spiritual priest (Rev. Paul NM. Williams, OF) and told him what has happened, with great understanding, the priest explained that it was a message of confirmation from our Lord to him. He said he was asking God to give him a sign, `and He gave me it through a baby’. 
(M. K., USA, October 1994)