By Vassula Ryden

Jesus said:
Without Me, you will live like the world, with Me you will live as in Heaven. Without Me, your traits will become those of the world, but with Me your traits will be Mine. Remain in Me, be rooted in Me; have Me as first and grant Me your time. (20.5.94)

What Is the Trinitarian Spirituality of True Life in God?

  • First and foremost, True Life in God is to be eager to meet God and to get to know Him, the way He really is; it is to open ourselves and have a special and intimate relationship with Him. Without this intimacy, we cannot approach Him. He will always remote, far away somewhere “up there” ane from such a distance we cannot love Him. What He asks of us today is a dialogue with Him, a simple heart-to-heart conversation, including Him in our daily life, treating Him like our best friend, nevertheless never forgetting that He is Holy.
  • True Life in God is to learn to pray without ceasing. To pray without ceasing is to live in perfect union with God and in God, thus living daily the “we, us” that Jesus taught us. It is to learn to have this heart-to-heart conversation with God.
    To be in constant prayer is the first commandment, for it is the fruit of our love for God, desiring to be with Him always. This love will gush out from our hearts into the hearts of our neighbors, loving them, which is the second commandment.
    For this, we have to be willing to offer God our will daily and to abandon ourselves entirely to Him, so we can live with our feet on the ground and with our heart and our soul in heaven. Jesus does not like the lukewarm. He desires a sincere heart.
    If we do not abandon ourselves entirely to God, it is as if we tied His Hands. He will cannot be done to us. We must root ourselves fully in Him. To be rooted in God means to become like Him, to imitate Jesus; it is to love God and to love our neighbor. We cannot speak about Peace and Unity without being rooted in God.
  • True Life in God is to expand God’s Kingdom and make the Triune God known. It is to reveal the real images of God our Father so that our spirit will call out to Him “Abba!”
  • True Life in God is to put into practice the act of charity and love that delights God. Jesus said: “In the day of Judgment you will be judged according to the measure of your love.”
  • True Life in God is to be witnesses of the Most High, witnesses of God’s Love, so as to tell the world that although they have forgotten God, God in His faithful Love and Mercy has never forgotten them and that even if we are the most wretched in the world, His Love for us has no end.

    Our Eternal Father said: “My child, you are not Fatherless. I Am who I Am is your Father. You are not homeless. My Kingdom, My Splendour and the Truth are your home. You are not restrained from food, for I, with My own Hand, fill your mouth from My Mouth with My Word. My favour is upon you and so everything I do in these days is for the salvation of your generation.” (26.2.95)

  • True Life in God means to allow the Holy Spirit to transfigure our soul into a heaven, so that He becomes the Light of our eyes, the motive of our being, the movement of our heart, our laughter and our joy and the kingly adornment of our soul, our hymn to the Hymn and our amen to the Amen. We must die to our self and to our will and to our passions which obstruct Him from rendering our soul imperishable, full of grace, and into a heaven to glorify God.
  • True Life in God is to remain faithful to Mother Church and its Tradition. It is to offer God prayers from the heart, sacrifices, penance and fasting.
  • True Life in God is to become the child of the Mother of God since Her Immaculate Heart is never separated from the Sacred Heart of Jesus but is in perfect union with His.
  • True Life in God is to visit the Blessed Sacrament and be with Jesus. We should ask the Holy Spirit to grant us the Spirit of Piety to learn to adore the Divine Sacrament and to observe with fear what is real Flesh and real Food, what is real Blood and real Drink.
    Jesus said: “Lean on Me and I shall guide you to My Tabernacle where I am waiting for you day and night where I offer you Myself every day,… all I need is love; love and adoration.”(1.6.89)
  • True Life in God is to pray for unity and for unifying the dates of Easter, since this is the great desire of our Lord Jesus Christ. We can be the first fruits of unity by assembling and praying together in one heart and one voice. Jesus said: “I need humility and love, and the conversion of your hearts to be the foundation of your unity.”

    Let the motto of True Life in God be:

    Repay Evil With Love

    Because, as Jesus tells us: Love is the root of the tree of virtues. Without that root the tree has no virtue, no fruit. “The Heart of the Lord is Love and the heart of the Law is based on Love.”

    It is written: “Do not judge.” The tongue is the worst of all! For the tongue that teceives the Holy Communion is the same that judges, criticizes, blasphemes. So Jesus says: “I would like you to fast, but also with your lips!”