by Vassula Rydén
May 1997

I have always said and I will not hesitate to repeat myself that the message of True Life in God is not a message of doom and gloom, and those who represent it in that manner are doing a lot of harm to True Life in God. It is a Love hymn sung to us by God Himself. The night of this apostasy is almost over and it will be daylight soon, this is the HOPE one can read in the message and the hope is that God has intervened in our wretchedness to save us. When God speaks you will discern it is God by the way He speaks. His language is not extravagant, pompous, scary or giving you the impression of being sensational, not at all. When God speaks He lifts the soul and his language is that of a very humble person. He does not fill the soul with fear or horror, He fills it with joy, peace and hope. His language is expressed with great simplicity and clarity and has a paternal tone filled with a friendly character. God says in Scriptures: “I have not spoken in secret in some corner of a darkened land. I have not said to Jacob’s descendants “seek me in chaos”. I, Yahweh, speak with directness I express myself with clarity.” (Is. 45:19.)

To honour the Lord’s message, I would say for those who tend to misrepresent the message by focusing all their life on catastrophes on disasters and from giving the impression that Satan can be found even under our pillow or in our fridge, to abstain from representing it as such. Examine yourselves rather to make sure you understood what God is talking about, and be careful that your thoughts and understanding do not hold you prisoners still living under fear and great expectations of doom and gloom soon to come. God might surprise you, and you in your turn might feel very disappointed, just like Jonah about Nineveh …

Who has ever said that that or that place will be the only place in Europe that will survive? If one has to focus on the “other messages” then you can do it by all means but do not get True Life in God involved into the other messages of doom and gloom. If anyone will be witnessing voluntarily on True Life in God, I appeal to them to focus only on the Riches the Sacred Heart has immersed us in this message. I am not saying not to read or follow other messages which I myself respect and believe in some, but today we have false messages falling on us in the same way rain is falling and misinterpretations from people who never understood even the real messages.

As for those who have taken the title of True Life in God for their magazines, I would have liked them to realize the dangers of our days of the false messages, and would prefer them focusing on the ample riches of True Life in God, (one can write 100 books on the trinitarian spirituality of True life in God>), and perhaps take the fathers of the desert, St. Symeon, St. Silouan, St. Brigit, St. Gertrude and make comparisons with those other mystics. It will show the richness of the messages and will attract not only those who read True Life in God but maybe also priests. It is, I think, unwise only to focus on my trips and the journals could become interesting by giving instructions and analogies with the mystics I have just mentioned above.

Anyone who wants to promulgate the True Life in God message and has volunteered to have a prayer group and an association, it would be advisable for these people to read the messages and get to know them, meditating on them to be able to become a witness. By reading the messages one gets to understand much more the Scriptures. I have heard this from many people and even from the clergy. There are some who do not have any knowledge of the messages except from hearing me speaking in meetings or from watching a video tape where I am speaking or reading here and there in journals extracts of True Life in God. By reading the messages from the start progressively till the end, they draw you to understand better the Scriptures, which, by the way, one should read daily. By reading the messages, you grow spiritually and your love for God augments.