Frequently Asked Questions

A TLIG prayer Group consists of people who are continually reading the Messages, and who follow the Prayer Meeting guidelines book produced by Vassula in their Prayer Meetings.

Jesus said, “when two or three are gathered in my name I am present”. A TLIG Prayer Group can gather together in any suitable place. Our Faith is community Faith based on the faith handed on to us by the Apostles, that is why Jesus did not act alone but formed a community, around Him, the Apostles, the Church , and we are part of the community.

Contact your local TLIG Association or send an email to: [email protected]‘. Further help is available from the TLIG website.

Like all spiritualities one needs to be part of the whole spiritual family, therefore one does not get the necessary support of the whole spiritual family if one acts independently, this is what it means to be part of the Family of God.

To follow the teachings given to us by the Holy Spirit in the TLIG Messages, that is to live as the Family of God, not to live independently, like all families we need each other, because we have so much to give each other. Vassula says the main purpose of a TLIG Prayer Group is to pray for Unity.

All the graces given to us by the Holy Spirit when we contemplate the TLIG Messages in a TLIG Prayer Group.

The Spirituality of TLIG is unique, it contains Messages that God is dictating to Vassula today. A TLIG Prayer Group is an opportunity to contemplate this unique spirituality.

Through the TLIG association in your own country or by going to the TLIG website at

To be open to the TLIG Messages in humility and love.

There are no leaders in TLIG, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, who continually contemplate the TLIG Messages in the one volume.

The TLIG Prayer Meeting Guidelines Book, composed by Vassula, is so well structured that every member of a TLIG Prayer Group can take it in turns to guide the Prayer Group through the Prayer Meeting. It is important that the group is guided by each member in turn.

Helpful information can be found at Prayer Groups

A house or a church/chapel can be the place to hold a TLIG Prayer Meeting.

A Bible, a full set of TLIG Volumes, an appropriate focal point like a crucifix or an icon with a lighted candle in front of it. A rosary, both Catholic and Orthodox, and a TLIG Prayer Meeting Guidelines Book.

The Bible, TLIG Volumes and the TLIG Prayer Meeting Guidelines Book. No other books on any spirituality to be read.

Just read the amount that is appropriate and that people can remember.

By experience no longer than an hour and a half.

In a TLIG Prayer Meeting anything other than the contents of the TLIG Prayer Meeting Guidelines Book, would be a distraction.

Vassula thinks that once a month, a gathering of this sort after a prayer meeting can be done for the purpose of getting to know one another as a big family. In bigger groups of around 30 people she proposed to set up a Canadian dinner where everyone brings something and socialize so that one gets better acquainted with each other.

Every one of these are under the TLIG Associations with different activities.

Out of all those who came in our groups claiming that they too had “messages” none of them were authentic. This is the sign of a Jezebel spirit trying to penetrate in the group with its own agenda. So anyone who comes in that way, the group of TLIG should not admit this person in their group. A person who in truth has her own charism of this kind always has her own mission and her own prayer group. This is one of the signs. If there is a discord of opinion and signs of control, it has to be reported immediately to Vassula, Fr. Abberton and Fr. Sullivan.

No other spirituality should be brought into a TLIG Prayer Meeting, Vassula is very insistent on this. The spirituality of TLIG is unique, it does not need the support or comparison with any other spirituality.