I am going to share with you the reason God is manifesting Himself more than ever in our times.

It has been said in the TLIG Messages that at the End of Times, when the world would be turning cold to the love of God, turning against God, and when the devil and all his empire would be left free to surge war upon humanity, empowering people’s hearts to lead them into eternal damnation, our Lord, together with our Blessed Mother promise to raise new Apostles in these End of Times that will be energized by the Holy Spirit, turning them into pillars of the Faith, columns of Fire and defenders of the Truth.

Through their weakness and their poverty, the Holy Spirit would form them, strengthen them and send them out to the world to bring it to repent, reconcile and make peace with God. God will use their weakness and their poverty to form them.

Christ’s return is imminent, but just before His return, He will show us as a last warning: the condition of our soul in an illumination of consciousness. God Himself will reveal our soul in our consciousness to His Light, and woe to the big sinner! This is an act of Mercy for it will make us suddenly realize how unworthy and wretched we are in our state of sin.

The Lord says in a TLIG message that our wickedness is endangering not only the earth, but the entire cosmos. All that comes out of the earth falls back on the earth. So, Christ will not sit back and see us constantly falling into mortal sin that leads many souls to Hell. Would He just keep silent when the division of the Church has devastated His Mystical Body to the extent of paralysis? No way! If we say that these terms are apocalyptical and unrealistic, because I’m mentioning the End of Times, then I can tell you: read the signs of the Times. And there are so many more reasons why God is stirring us with reminders. But here is a Message from our Blessed Mother:

“-many of you have forgotten God’s ways, you have been drifted away, like taken by a current in a lake, into a pool of lethargy; polluted with materialism, your course changed direction and from holiness and the rightful Path you have been led right into the devil’s nets and into the lion’s mouth! you have not followed the marks of the Precious Blood Jesus left behind Him as a signpost for you to follow; no, you have followed the polluted directions Satan put up for you; directions leading all to the desert where there would be no one to care for your sores, and no one to console you; and where you would die;

your generation failed to appreciate God’s great Love; this is why your lands are set aflame by egoism, by godlessness and by the fury of Satan; and still to this day his hand is raised to strike you and set aflame all the nations; because of your atheism and your perversity you have wrapped yourselves in the shroud of death; you have wrapped your beloved ones in a cloud of flint; I call in agony from above, to you all to make peace with God, to reconcile with your families; (TLIG Messages, 10 October 1990)

We had been receiving constant warnings from both Jesus and Mary years back, asking us to reconcile with God and one another, to return to God and make peace with God, to start praying. Heaven has leaned all the way to us, in these last years, like never before in history.

And I do believe the reason for this is not just because of the division of the Church, but also because of the situation of the world of today. I believe it is mainly because of the apostasy and the loss of moral values. God had foreseen the tribulations of the Church long before we were born and what it would be undergoing. He had foreseen all of this mess, telling us in the TLIG messages that Cardinal will go against Cardinal and Bishop against Bishop. 

Today’s world, especially in the West, has made God a dead God, a mummy in a museum, for their own convenience, so they go on sinning. Some, who call themselves Christians, represent God as an abstract image, intellectualizing Him. There are also those who treat God as a printed word in the Scriptures, no more than that, following the letter of the law, but not the heart of the law! They managed to turn the Scriptures into events of the past, just like a history book, instead of accepting the Word of God as alive and active. Christ said in a TLIG message on the 25th November 2014: “remind My people again that I Am the Scriptures, for I come from above and My Word is Everlasting;”

You hear from some: ‘What God had to say He already said through Christ.’ But then, what do you make of what Christ said about the Holy Spirit? What do you make of what He promised us? Did He not tell us that He will send the Advocate to lead us to the complete Truth? Did He not say that when He comes, He will show the world how wrong it was about sin, about who was in the right, and about judgment? Prophet Elijah never died, but was taken up alive in Heaven, representing that prophecy shall never die.

In this generation’s apostasy, apostates judge God according to the reserves of their heart. The Lord says the worst part is that when one is encouraged by God to witness of a Living Christ, a Resurrected Christ, the devil raises oppressors to silence them. They rush with an unbelievable inhuman frenzy to accuse them as troubleshooters, heretics, imposters, or false prophets, led by Satan. They lapidate them in this manner.

These are the new Pharisees of today who are persecuting the Holy Spirit of Grace, says Jesus. They prefer to silence Christ and watch this apostasy growing and expanding like cancer, obliging them to sell their churches and cathedrals, rather than accepting the action of Mercy from the Holy Spirit. They silence Christ, rather than accepting that Christ is alive, attending His flock, this flock that negligent shepherds stopped attending.

Some do not even believe there is an apostasy; that’s how much Satan blinds them. Oh yes, their incredulity stifles the action of the Holy Spirit – and thus they continue quietly and undisturbed in their path of deadliness. They made a vast cemetery, Jesus says, out of the Church. Intentionally or not, they are limiting the Mercy of God according to their limited spirit with false judgment, and this is the Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

 Our Lord warns us to come out of this lethargic spirit that hovers above us, and He shakes us to come out of our spiritual death, a death that is dangerous because the devil is roaming around us constantly. The Lord wants us to pray with our heart.  

“tell My people that empty talk and ineffectual wordiness in their prayers are futile to Me if they do not mean them I would rather have them turn to Me and say a few words from their heart with love rather than have them babble endlessly in the air! I do not want a worthless lip worship! how many more times am I to say these things to them? and for how much longer have I to put up with this generation? why are they continuously putting My Spirit to the test?” (TLIG Messages, 21 March 1994)

God wants us to approach Him with a pure heart, a child’s heart, and our heart cannot be really pure when it is still encrusted with earthly solicitudes. When our Lord preaches to us to reach the three ascents which He calls: detachment, dispassion and impassibility, He asks us to be so pure and impoverished that all the events of life, whether they be sorrowful or joyful, would no longer be affecting us, or even remembered.  In one of the TLIG Messages, He said: “I will teach you to be strong so that you will be able to say when the serpents’ bite sting you: “struck me, have they? but I’m not hurt; beaten me? I don’t feel a thing; slandered me, and so? let them; lapidated me, have they? when?…’’” (TLIG Messages, 17  November 2014)

The Lord said: This is the perfect and perpetual contemplation to God. He wants us to live a True Life in Him; that is why He repeatedly tells us to die to our ego, our self, and not fear this impoverishment that will draw us into the greatness of His Love of God, giving us a spiritual resurrection into what He has promised us, that is: His Kingdom. These are Christ’s words from the Scriptures:

“blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven;” (TLIG Message, 9 June 1988)

God says that the path of nothingness and being nothing, which is renunciation to goods and self, will bring us to this perfect and absolute poverty of spirit. Then the All that is God will fill us with Himself; He’ll fill us where we lack, invading our soul and possessing it; and we, as well, in our turn, will be possessing God.

Therefore, let us flee from the complacency the world is offering us and the comfort, and let us break this safe cocoon we’ve weaved ourselves into; let us break our shackles and free ourselves, to earn what the prophets of old received; and our soul will turn into a fountain of tears with repentance when we realize Who was the One outside the door of our heart knocking all of these years.