God (Allah) said in His Book: “They love them as they [should] love Allah. But those who believe are stronger in love for Allah” (Al Baqara 165)

The “True Life in God” Foundation has done well in electing the theme “Love in God”, especially in these circumstances where there is a lot of hatred and hostility among people.

The idea of our conference can be placed under the Almighty’s saying: “Those who believe are stronger in love for Allah (God)”. In this context, the heavenly religions agree to call for love in God, and this is confirmed by Islamic accounts, in the call of believers to love and hate according to God’s standard (like hatred of sin).

The essence of the divine purpose of the heavenly religions is to spread love in societies and among people based on morality, and this is what the prophets and apostles have embodied throughout history.

The sacrifices of Christ, peace be upon him, fall under this context. All his actions show that he wanted to establish the “love of God” and to act according to the morals of God, and for the same reason Muhammad, peace be upon him, was sent to live in perfection the good morals and manners because they are a sign of the “love in God”.  He said: “I was sent to perfect honorable morals”. It is through morals that nations progress, and the souls are transfigured to the highest and, in this sense, Imam Al Hussein affirmed through his revolution high morals and love in God, and he sacrificed all he possessed: children, relatives and companions to prove his words through action, that love in God is the beginning of the beautiful “giving” that is useful to all societies that envelop their works in morality and humanity.

Thus, the job of all the apostles (messengers), who follow the example of Jesus and Muhammad and the rest of the prophets, is to consolidate the concepts of love in God, and of the “coming closer” of all the souls in love among all religions, in pursuit of a society of peace, love and prosperity.

All thanks to Mrs. Vassula Ryden and to our dear brothers and sisters in True Life in God for their blessed efforts.


Sheikh Kazem AYAD