A new book about Vassula Ryden and True Life in God has been published by Bo Westergaard, a Lutheran pastor that has been reading the True Life in God Messages since 1996. He has also been participating in the True Life in God pilgrimages and retreats for 20 years. Published first in Swedish in 2018, this new book, “Vassula-A Sign of God’s Love” was translated into English and sold during the True Life in God Pilgrimage in Egypt this year. 

The book contains three parts. The first part presents Vassula and the TLIG Messages: how the development of the TLIG Messages started and was formed. 

The second part, which is the largest one, presents the TLIG Messages thematically. This also includes some of the difficult ecumenical issues that the TLIG Messages contain, like the Eucharist, Mary, and the Pope. The author, himself a protestant, addresses these subjects in a way that might help protestants understand them a bit more. 

The third part describes prophecy’s place in theology and the Church, in order to help the reader understand Vassula’s prophetic ministry. This is basically a summary of the Danish theologian Niels Christian Hvidt’s major work on the subject from 2007. Despite being somewhat theological, it is of interest also for non-theologians. 

Apart from being written for Protestant Christians, the book might also help people who have only heard a little about Vassula become better acquainted with her story. Not in the least, priests and pastors might benefit from viewing a complete picture of TLIG, including a theological one.

Vassula writes: 

“For those who do not yet believe in a living God, and for those whose faith has weakened, this Book will help you awaken your faith, enlighten your soul, bring you hope that God is approachable. He looks after you, and is not only enticed by saints, but has you too, engraved on His Heart.”

The price for this new book, “Vassula-A Sign of God’s Love” will be around 6-7 Euros, and will be available to order in a few months. The book might also be printed in countries outside of Europe, depending on interest.

Now, in order to have an idea of how many copies we should print, we kindly ask those who are interested to buy one or more copies, to fill-in your name, country, and number of desired copies on this form:  https://www.tlig.net/FrBoBook.html

Please note that this form is meant determine how many books to publish; it is not a means towards reserving a book. This will be available to you in a few months. Please include your questions and comments for Reverend Bo on same the form provided.