On the 4th of November there was a 6.4 earthquake in the remote western part of Nepal. More than 150 people were killed, many of them were women and children. Many people had to live in tents and had no food to eat.

During this difficult situation, the Sisters at the Beth Myriam in Surkhet provided food for some of the people. The earthquake in Jajarkot was located 122.4 km from Surkhet. It targeted two wards and reached about 100 families in need. The distributed items, including rice, dal, blankets, socks, and mufflers, alleviated the hardships faced by the affected community.

Despite facing challenges such as severe injuries and loss of family members among some households, the relief efforts successfully supported the injured and bereaved families. The outreach endeavors were extensive, with about 100 families gathering in one location during the aid distribution.

Some of the families in Jajarkot receiving help from the sisters

The community response was overwhelmingly positive, as families expressed gratitude for the essential support received during these challenging times.

Special thanks was extended to Beth Myriam volunteers for their invaluable support, emphasizing the collaborative effort that enabled the provision of aid to those in need. This concise report serves as a testament to the success of the relief efforts, the challenges faced, and the resilience of the community in the face of adversity.

Volunteers distributing the food packs

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Thank you for your loving interest and care towards feeding the poor and needy.