Dear TLIG readers around the world,

Vassula writes:

I was asked by our Lord to give this message I received today (24th anniversary of TLIG) to everyone so that it is translated. This is not all the message, it’s much longer, but I was asked to give just this prayer to translate as well and distribute.

“Address Me Vassula in this way:

Tender Father, lash not Your wrath on this generation, lest they perish altogether;
Lash not on Your flock distress and anguish,
for the waters will run dry and nature will wither;
all will succumb at Your wrath leaving no trace behind them;

The heat of Your Breath will put aflame the earth turning it into a waste!
From the horizon a star will be seen;
The night will be ravaged and ashes will fall as snow in winter,
covering Your people like ghosts;

Take Mercy on us, God, and do not assess us harshly;
Remember the hearts that rejoice in You and You in them!
Remember Your faithful and let not Your Hand fall on us with force,
But, rather in Your Mercy lift us and place Your precepts in every heart. Amen”

In Christ,