A letter from Vassula on March 31st, 2024

Dear friends,

Happy Easter!

Something happened yesterday Saturday 30th of March during our prayer meeting that I would like to share with you. It was Easter Holy Saturday for the Catholic Church, but not for the Orthodox Church who are in the beginning of Lent period now, because this year the Easters between the Orthodox Church and the Catholic and Protestant Churches have a gap of 5 weeks difference.

The Rhodes prayer group came to my house in the afternoon to pray our weekly Saturday prayer, starting with the Rosary, then the Jesus prayer, then prayers from the heart. And as usual, they gave me the Bible to open at random and read where my eyes will fall on. It was on the 1st chapter of Saint John. During the Orthodox Easter on Holy Saturday the Greek Orthodox Church would read out the entire 1st chapter of Saint John. We were amazed. Then after having read the Bible, I took the message Book I to open also at random and my eyes fell on this date: April 9, 1988, written, Easter, Holy Saturday… And here it is:

(Easter) Holy Saturday)

I love you; united to Me you are now, and every step you take, I bless, My child; I am The Resource of your life; I am The Resurrection;

Lord, although this Message has converted many laymen and they rejoice, I feel sad that we have sent copies of the message to at least 33 ecclesiastical authorities and no one replied except for two. One said she did not feel obliged to give in her opinion. The other one said he was overworked and had no time for this. Lord, I feel sad!

My Vassula, let it be that way; Vassula, leave Me free to have it My way; I will one day establish My Works which I have given you; you, My child, shall bear this name upon you: ‘Victim-of-Love’; I will never abandon you nor will I ever fail you; every word will be written thousands of times till the End of Times;

I have established between you and Me Eternal Bonds; these Bonds are our Alliance of Love between us; these Bonds bear My Name, and are for ever and ever, and for all Eternity; I, the Lord, love all of you and it is for the sake of those who seek The Truth that I come to show them again what The Truth really is and what It means since they have forgotten It; I am The Truth and The Truth is Love, Fathomless Love, Sublime Love, Eternal Love; My Book is a Book of Love;

My bride, come and love Me; I am glorified by your love; understand now why I have descended through you, child; it is not just to manifest in you My love for you alone, but for all My creation! I come to remind them how much I love them;

My Heart tears and lacerates to see so many of My creation give way to Satan! how I suffer to see on the way to perdition so many of My sacerdotals! I Am the Word, The Holy One of Holies, The Eternal God, Emmanuel; and your Saviour whom you pierced many years ago and never cease piercing through and through; why, what difference is there now or the days of old when I was in flesh and nailed on the Cross? I am being repeatedly pierced with your bigotry, your haughtiness, your apostasy and your obduracy to hear; you have not stopped remaining lethargic towards My Signs, My Miracles, My Divine Works; today you are mocking Me like yesterday; I am mocked by you, you on whom I have entrusted millions of souls, you are recrucifying Me, nailing Me anew on the wood with your apathy; O all you whose heart still lies barren, whose heart has turned into granite, will you ever allow your hearts to be touched by Me and softened and opened? will you one day stop piercing Me?

My Mouth is dryer than parchment for thirst of love; My Eyes have grown weary watching you spill your words on My Altar; you offer Me your prayers but before they reach Me they evaporate in the air like mist; I turn away My Eyes from you for I know what lies deep within your hearts; I stifle! … I suffocate! to have to watch My seed filled up with dead words, to have to watch you coming fearlessly to Me treading upon Our Divine Hearts so openly! so obviously! how then do you expect My lambs to trust you?

ah Vassula! My Heart bleeds profusely; enter into My Heart and feel your God’s Wounds;

J – E – S – U – S !! My heart screams with pain, to feel You in this state, Oh my Beloved God! What have they done? … what are they doing?

reveal My Works of Love; reveal Them to all men; even to those who will treat you as a jester, My child; they will in the end see My Glory;

(I am shattered, the Lord knows it. I have already been treated as a jester, as a deceiver, as possessed, as the Anti-Christ, as mentally-ill. I have been mortified because people do not even hide their feelings when they mean to hurt you. Will I bear to go on, on these grounds? I am weak … my soul is weary …. my two witnesses have also no real authority and no power, they go through the same way I am going, scorned and dejected, disbelieved and ignored. We all drink from the same bitter Cup, sharing It with Jesus.)

Vassula, you have Me before you; it is I, your God, who in the end will show to you all My Glory; I know what I chose… I have found the least of all My creation; I chose you so that everybody may see that all Authority will descend directly from Me and Me alone … and not from you! Vassula, I am the Keeper of this Garden and no one stunts the tall trees but Me, allowing the low ones to grow; My Word will descend upon you, creation, as a Thunderbolt! woe to the unfaithful!

Vassula, keep Me in your heart, have Our Peace;


I do not believe it was a coincidence all of this. To have the reading of the Easter Saturday taken from the Orthodox Church and at the same time, opening the Book I, to go straight on the Easter Holy Saturday and read out I AM THE RESURRECTION !! We read the entire message.

We felt actually Jesus’ live Presence among us very intense. It encouraged us and I hope it will also encourage you to know for sure that Jesus is indeed ever so present while we are praying and He is among us during our gatherings for prayer! Glory be to Him! Maranatha!

In Christ