Designated in the prophecies of Your Word,
O Lord, we know,
we trust and we believe
the Triumph of Your Sacred Heart,
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary
is in the near future;

therefore, we humbly come to consecrate
ourselves, our families
and our country
to Your
Two Sacred Hearts;

we believe that
in consecrating
our country to You,
nation will
not lift sword against nation
there will be no more training for war;

we believe that
in consecrating our
to Your Two Loving Hearts,

all human pride and arrogance, all godlessness
and hardening
of the heart be effaced,
that every evil will be replaced
with love and good things;

we believe that 
Your Two Holy Hearts
will not resist
our sighs now
and our needs,
but in their
Loving Flame will hear us
come to us to heal our deep wounds
and bring us peace;

O Sacred Heart of Jesus
Immaculate Heart of Mary,
blow on us a spark from Your Two Hearts
to flare up our heart,

make out of our nation
the perfect
Dwelling-Place of Your Holiness;
abide in us and we in You
so that
through the Love of Your Two Hearts,
we may find Peace, Unity and Conversion;

September 21, 1993