September 4, 1996

(I was inspired to pray to St. Paul, because for days he was stuck on my mind, drawing my attention to focus on him. It was like he was pursuing me. I felt him so near me, as when I am about to receive from our Lord His words. Then when I prayed to him, I received St Paul’s words of counsel:)

peace, my sister in the Lord; watch over your group1 and never fail to encourage them …. let your hearts be holy, let your hearts proclaim a resurrected Christ; have Christ as your Theme always;

God has called all of you to share His Glory; He favours the humble and the innocent; above all, be pure to be able to face the Lord in good conscience; the Spirit of Grace is upon you, and each one of you has received a special grace; these special graces were given to you for the benefit of the Church to proclaim a Resurrected Christ, something in your days considered as untrue; you are to break this barrier of falsehood that is being built; like crafty masons2 build a house, these enemies of the Church too are crafty and cunning in their work of destruction;

today God is putting the weak and the wretched to combat what is spectacular and great in the eyes of this pining world of Apostasy! the Presence of His Holy Spirit will lift3 so many corpses; immorality in your days is the crown of this wicked world; but you my friends, who received the Revelation in a brilliant light, persevere to proclaim God’s Glory, proclaim a Living Christ and do not fear persecutions, on the contrary, rejoice! what greater favour could the Lord offer you?

do not bout when the spear comes; have you not realised its value? enjoy God’s Presence instead, enjoy the Presence of His Spirit and be eager to praise Him, since it is in Him that you all live, it is in Him that you move, breathe, it is in Him that you rest4 and will Rest eternally one day …. and you, my sister in the Lord, spend more of your time with the Lord, let your sole concern be: His Church;

– I, Saint Paul, apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, tell you: courage and stand firm, remain in the grace of God and enjoy His Presence;

I bless you, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; be one ….

1 Prayer group of Rhodos, Greece.
2 Double meaning.
3 Raise, convert.
4 Allusion to Heb. 3:7-19.