July 13, 1996

Come Lord in the inner place of Your home;

Come to my table, Lord,
so that You may bless what we will be sharing, side by side;

Come Lord and fence me in, behind and in front,
in Your Sacred Heart fence me in;

Let Your Light then cover me,
and wrap itself around me,
so that there will be never any darkness
within me or around me;

Come Faithful Visitor and visit me, now;
see? God will be visiting me now ….

I Am is with you; I give you My Peace;

your Visitor asks you: do you know of anyone who surpasses My Beauty and My Perfection? no, there is no one …. nor is there anyone who surpasses My Wisdom, advice and understanding; you have the Perfect Visitor, standing at your doorstep; you have, indeed, invited at your table now the Alpha and the Omega, the Upright One, who will not only come in the inner place of your home to share a meal at your side, but will also light your lamp; now, come, lean on Me and satisfy My thirst for souls; contrary to what you may think, your pleas are not in vain;

ah …. My Vassula, I am also your Shepherd, so place your head on My Sacred Heart and obtain the delights of My Heart so that you will be more willing than ever before to expiate for your brothers and sisters …. fear not, child of My Father, I will direct you as I always have;

come, we, us? I, Jesus Christ, Son of God and Saviour, will sanctify My remnant with My Holy Spirit;