July 8, 1996


I Am;

never fall into temptations again …. make My Messages your life’s delight; make them known; I am by your side and Wisdom will provide you with sound teaching …. fruit of My Heart, fruit of My Mercy, I, the Lord, will help you; nevertheless, your counsellor …. 1 never forget that I am in you and you in Me; share your difficulties, your race is not over; I have given you a noble work to both of you; to you, My flower, I have given you this Message, then I have also given you spiritual gifts; I have provided you with graces and favours and as I have done wonders to the first fruits, 2 and showed My glory in them, so it will be with you too, I will show My glory and the power of My Holy Spirit when you will allow Me to engulf you in Me; and to your counsellor whom I raised for My glory and for My motives, I have given you to him to be counselled; I have given you to him that he may encourage you, console you, and look after you with care;

you shall soon be seeing Me face to face together with the one I have placed by your side; be concerned now to live for My motives, bringing to Me as many souls as possible; repair My broken altars;

grace is upon you; come;

1 For discretion this was omitted.
2 The Apostles.