June 16, 1995

In the sin of my soul You visited me with love.
You have not come with a stick to reprimand me,
nor has Your Splendour come to me with a grudge,
You have, instead, visited my soul with blessings
to heal its darkness.

Lover of Your creation,
help us all and teach us what is pleasing to You,
so that everything we do will be acceptable in Your Eyes.

As You know, Lord
sin has become the oracle of the wicked,
we sin as much as we breathe.
Why this violent uproar among Your creation?
Why this impurity? Why this revolt?

I bow down in reverence of You and ask You:
For how long will Your sons and daughters
continue to be put to confusion by the Evil one?
In Your saving justice, my Lord, help us,
and tell us what is needed most to change.

peace be with you; I am delighted to hear you; all I need is love, love, love; love can do everything; so love Me and continue to grow in My Love, then no obscure spot would remain in you; Love will efface your stains and blemishes; Love heals, it amends; Love brings good fruit, fruit that lasts …. have you not heard, My child, that everyone who loves is one of My Own and knows Me? have you not heard that on Judgement Day you will be judged according to the measure of your love?

you asked Me and said: “why this violent uproar among Your creation? why this impurity? why this revolt?” My dear child, this is the prelude of My coming; you, who love Me, will have to suffer only for a little while, you who bow down before My power will be recompensed; you who have not forgotten your Maker will see Me in My Glory …. My Return is as certain as the dawn;

you ask, daughter: “tell us what is needed most to change”; I need faithful love, for faithful love is what pleases Me,

Consoler of Your kin.
Friend of mankind, Light thrice Holy,
Beloved of the Father, Starlight of the night,
Mountain of Incense and Myrrh,
Delight of the Father, Infatuation of Your Mother,
draw us all in Your Love,
ravish our heart with one single glance,
call us into Your Kingdom
since You delight in showing faithful love,
convert us in Your Flame of Love.
Let this terror of the night before us come to its end
and we shall all contemplate Your saving justice.

I just wanted to hear this from you again; flower, I will continue using you; My well-beloved, come now and enjoy resting in My Heart; I, Jesus, who raised you, love you and bless you;