May 30, 1995

(Back to Bethlehem.)

Vassula, I am with you and all I ask is love;

tell them and let them all understand that love is the way to heaven; love conquers hearts and enlarges My Kingdom; love is the key to end up this Apostasy; love is given to you freely; ask for the gift of love and I will give it to you; My Love Theme1 is given to all nations and those who want to hear it will hear it;

pray, pray, pray, but do it with love; open your hearts and I will heal them; repay evil with love, seek good and Goodness from above will answer you and turn you into Our likeness; I know all things and I observe all things and what I see in this generation is not according to Our likeness; insolence, violence, greed, vainglory, wickedness that surpassed the wickedness of the demons, rebellion against Me and all that is holy, and all the vices that can bring your soul to ruin are what most of this generation practises; every kind of wrong-doing is sin …. lift your eyes and be eager to find Me and do not fall victims to worldly beauty, for the worship of that sort of beauty is the cause of so much evil;

to crown now your wickedness you embroidered your plan to the likeness of the beast and together, 2 generation, you will commit your crime:

to abolish My Perpetual Sacrifice
and erect in its place the disastrous abomination;

have you not heard: “when the upright man renounces his integrity to commit sin and dies because of this, he dies because of the evil that he himself has committed, but when the sinner renounces sin to become law-abiding and honest, he deserves to live; he has chosen to renounce all his previous sins; he shall certainly live; he shall not die;” 3

My Eyes shed tears of Blood and My Eyelids run with weeping; O what sorrow you cause Me, generation, because Death has climbed into your house and you do not realise it! so very few repent …. but most of you, generation, are not saying what you ought to: you do not repent of your wickedness saying: “what have I done with my life, my soul and my heart?” the slightest sign of regret for your sins, and I will forgive and forget; happy the ones who meditate on My words and My appeal and reason with good sense, they shall be saved;

I bless you with all My Heart I bless you; ic;

1 This message.
2 With the beast.