February 27, 1995


I am still mystified by Your choice, my Lord, and all that is happening to me!

do not be! 1 I am Lord of the heavens and earth; I tell you, out of a Nothing I can make an Altar on which all My Treasures can be laid …. tell Me: by what means did you obtain all the Knowledge, strength and zeal to evangelise?

By Your Holy Spirit, my Lord.

yes! by the power of My Holy Spirit; make room now for My Holy Spirit to sow in you seeds from Heaven, allow My Holy Spirit to cultivate your soil and make a terrestrial Eden in you; allow, My beloved one, My Holy Spirit to burn all the dry plants in you and replace them with Celestial seedlings and young vineyards; allow My Holy Spirit to turn your soul into another Paradise where We2 would feel We are surrounded by humility, peace, love, and joy; 3 yes, allow My Holy Spirit to take root in the middle of your soul and turn it into another Paradise; so make room now for My Holy Spirit to dwell in you and continue to instruct you to live a True Life in Us;4 say now these words:

give us Your Kingdom,
so that we may obtain incorruptibility
and the deity to have eternal life;

learn that only the seeds sown by My Holy Spirit in you can yield fruits in abundance; without these divine seeds your soul will remain a desert, uncultivated and a land of drought! so, daughter, do not be mystified by the action of My Holy Spirit ….

come, My pupil, evangelise in My Assemblies; ic;

1 This came like a command.
2 The Holy Trinity.
3 The seeds and seedlings of Paradise.
4 The Holy Trinity.