June 18, 1994

(Stockton, California)

(Before the meeting in the Cathedral.)

My Lord?

I Am; 1

lean on Me; this is My assembly; it is I who opened the doors for you to glorify My Name; so do not worry about what you will say; My Spirit will be upon you;

I shall speak with authority through your mouth, yes; you shall be My Echo! and I will pour My treasures on this wretched generation to enrich their spirit with My Spirit; I will fill their mouths with My Celestial Manna; I will, Myself, give them prosperity and their soul will yield a divine harvest since the seeds will descend from Divinity;

will I not give them life again to rejoice in Me? will I not grant them, as a tender Father, My saving help? in their poverty I, Myself, shall guard them for I am faithful …. and I will raise them in their poverty to praise and hallow My Name; I am a God full of pity and My Heart can be touched; come and learn:

– in the morning sow your seed of love;
– at noon sow your seed of peace;
– in the evening sow your seed of reconciliation;

then go and collect your harvest and offer it to Me, your Father in Heaven, and I will tell you:

“in your graciousness, My child,
you have obtained your reward in heaven;”

from above I call to you all: “come! come and make peace with Me, your God and you will have My Blessings; return to Me and you will live forever”;

1 The Father answered.