May 18, 1994

(Greece – St Michael’s Island – Simi – Monastery of Panormiti)


I Am;
ecclesia shall revive; allow Me to use your hand;

My Love is a jealous love that has no limits, see? I want to be victorious in you, so do not break My commands: I have said, My daughter, that your wealth is Me; your life is Me, your joy is Me; I am your Peace; remain for a while with Me; I have offered you this unique gift to come to Me, so, My Vassula, stop wriggling in My Hands; 1 you will only produce ripples in this stream of Peace in which you are immersed;

daughter, be faithful in your love and I tell you again, never weary of writing; come;

1 When I do not go to Him daily to write and use my gift, the Lord reprimands me.