September 3, 1993

(Copenhagen – Denmark)


I Am; do not be afraid, I am the Guardian of your soul; Love is with you;

remember it is not you who have chosen to be here; I have decided to send you to this nation to glorify Me; I have used My special souls to work and open a door to Sweden, Denmark and Holland; My Spirit the Giver of Life will pass through their cities and revive everyone; 1

I bless you all; ic;

September 5, 1993

I thank You, Beloved Father
for giving us Your Son, the Living Word,

I thank You with all my heart
loving and most tender of all Fathers.
Your love for me has been so great, so manifest,
that I would talk about Your Love
wherever You send me.

Send me to witness Your marvels
in the land of oblivion, among the dead
and in the vile depths of sin.

Send me where every good
is transformed into evil.

Send me where wretchedness
kills slowly Your children.

Send me where they repulse the sight of the Cross
and reject Your Son’s Sacrifice.

Send me in the graves
to wake up with Your Word the putrefied.

Send me to proclaim
Your Faithfulness to the unfaithful
and cry out to them to repent,
and to tell them that:
The Kingdom of God is at hand!

My faithful servant, I, Yahweh, bless you; Heaven is your home;

yes, be quick to be generous to the sinners, I will be glorified; let their heart out of rock be shattered with My Word and I will replace it, giving them a heart of flesh …. go and witness, My child, and all will be well; 2 listen not to him; I have risen you for My Glory! I love you eternally; Vassula, do not get discouraged; My Word will penetrate hearts and revive them; I, Yahweh, will continue to pour out My Teachings on you;


1 That is: everyone the Holy Spirit touches.
2 I heard Satan shouting: “Accursed you are!”