June 19, 1993

From age to age Lord,
You prove Yourself our Saviour.
In Your Love and Mercy
You redeem us Yourself;
You have lavished on us Your Love
by calling each one of us by his name.

Most Tender Jesus
once more You step out of Heaven to remind us
that whoever will keep Your Law of Love
will live in God and God will live in him.
How is it that so many rebel and grieve Your Holy Spirit?
How is it that so many wage war on You?
How is it that the clay You have fashioned turned into Your enemy?

Why, Lord, have You allowed so many leave
to stray from Your Way
and harden their hearts against fearing You?
Why have You allowed the rebels to trample Your Sanctuary
and become an abomination in Your Sight?

Vassula, I have told you that I had sent My Warnings through various prophets, 1 but in your generation My prophets are not taken seriously; today, when Heaven speaks it is the least of their concern; scarcely do I utter a word through My mouthpiece than they dash on him and run him through; but My House will be reconstructed by the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame; the last will be first and the first, last; I have opened the eyes and the ears of the worst among you and turned blind and made deaf all those who claimed they could see and hear; My Name shall be honoured once more and worshipped;

My child, never get exhausted in your encounters with Me; you have seen nothing yet of My Mysteries, creature, so do not be awed whenever I come to you in this way visiting you …. enter now into My Wounds;

I am with you for your salvation and the salvation of others;

1 Fatima? and others like Garabandal?