May 12, 1993

(Tel Aviv – Israel)

Lord, make my ears alert,
my eyes perceiving,
and my heart sensitive like a disciple
so that I may absorb Your Spirit.

look, I am giving you everything, a sensitive heart, a disciple’s mind and an eagerness to please Me; allow Me to use you in this way; perplexed you ought not to be by now; this is all My doing for My Glory …. I want you and others to share My Glory with Me one day …. so remain in My Love, child of My Light;

Lord, I thank You for inviting me in Your homeland.

it pleased Me to have you in the sights I had been before; I think you know what I want mostly out of you …. yes, Vassula, I want you to bring Me souls so that My Breath revives them! caress Me with your love, caress My sorrow, caress My pains, caress My pierced Heart, come to Me and dry My Tears of Blood;

daughter? pray near My Heart and whisper your prayers to Me; I will accomplish My plans in you so powerfully since you have said your “yes” to Me; all I ask from you is love, obedience and your heart now; ic;