March 30, 1992

All day long
I desire you, my God,
all day long I pine away with love for You,
because of Your Tenderness
and Your Infinite Mercy, my God;
Your Love that You showed me
makes my soul cry out more than ever to You to rescue me.
I long for the House where You live.
I long for Your Sacred Court.
So tell me, my Lord and God, what can I expect?
will You reconsider my frailty?
Ah, free me from all my sins and reconsider me.
All my hopes are in You, my God.

ah My Vassula, be My consoling instrument; I, Jesus, bless you; fear not, My child, I am the All Faithful and by your side;

My child, for the sake of My Love I have tested your faith and I found My glorification; I am no stranger for you so allow Me to draw you one more time inside My Wounds; do not fear, I will show My glory through you and men will learn how I suffered;

come, approach Me, My Fire of Love is flaming out of My Sacred Heart and if you allow Me, I will visit you in this way and make a vivid torch out of you; you are destined to honour Me and lead souls to Me so that I may consume them; I will make vessels of Light out of them, brilliant flames that never cease, that never dim and that can never be snuffed; ah My little one, every fibre of My Heart cries out for Love! Peace! Unity!

I am your Holy Companion, creation, your most Faithful Friend who invites you night and day at My table; I appeal for your friendship without ceasing, to save you …. My Father has reserved a Fire for the sins of this generation and like a gale it will come suddenly upon you; people say: “we will have peace” even when their heart is for war against Me and the powers of heaven; like a gust of wind, I shall come to pronounce sentence on this godless generation; like a hurricane, I shall blow on you and scatter you like chaff;

Lord, what about those who love You? what about Your victim souls? surely there must be a few men who love You? There are a few, my King, who have not abandoned you to serve false gods or the beast.

put them on a scale …. and see which of the two is the weightier part; to this day many do not feel neither contrition nor fear; I am willing to give you all My Mercy before My Justice and I am willing to give everyone a single heart with a spirit of Love in them, but I need more victim souls, I need sacrificial love; how many are ready to sacrifice? how many are ready to offer themselves to Me to turn them into crucifixes? will the ear of anyone yield to My supplications? how many are willing to become peacemakers and sow seeds which will bear fruit in purity? who can remain uncontaminated by the world until My return? who will be quick to listen?

I am kind and ever so compassionate but very few want to be in union with Me; who will give away his motives for My Motives? who is willing to give up his interests for Mine? who will seek what is least sought in this world and bear It with love?

– My Cross –

and who is ready to seek what is least sought among you, who will seek: Love?

come, pray for the conversion of the world;