April 9, 1987

(While in Switzerland I was wondering where would my home would be one day. We’re still looking around. Roaming, roaming, roaming.)

feel My presence,

(I saw Jesus pointing at His Heart.)

your home is here … straight in the middle of My Heart; daughter, glorify Me by drawing souls to Me;

(My older sister for the first time learned about this Message. She read the last five copies. The influence of this was to make up a family quarrel of eight years with our first cousin. They are good friends again. I never uttered a word. Then she left, for Rhodos, where she lives.

That first night she talked to her husband, he was more shocked than her. They read together notebooks 5 and 6, that evening. Then they went to sleep, But he couldn’t. He started to pray and ask God to forgive his sins. Then a miracle happened. God gave him the same vision I saw! The one of the beautiful garden and that ‘sun’ all round, guarded with millions of angels. God made him penetrate, like I did, inside that round light, and when he felt God’s presence so close, he started to shiver and weep. He woke up my sister telling her. She was amazed. They couldn’t wait until next morning to tell me of this.

– Then in buying now the book of Enoch, which I always wanted, before I started to read it I opened it at page 102. Just like that, and what do I read? The same vision Enoch had as I had, the bright round Light, guarded by thousands of angels! 1 It was too much to be of a coincidence; because this vision I saw while in Bangladesh on March 26. Then on April 11, 1987 when I was in Paris, while searching for books in a library I stumbled on a book called Metanoia and what made me look at it was its cover. The picture of the cover was exactly my vision, Enoch’s, and my brother in law’s. The round light with the angels guarding it. After my sister left I wrote again letting God take my hand. God gave then Strato2 a written message.)

I love My lambs; unite My lambs; whoever reads My Message will be eating My Bread; whoever will get a sign from Me will be those whom I wish to illuminate with My grace; 3 draw My sign;


Vassula, start summarising the guidance and rewrite My Message; I will guide you, illuminating you; all that is repeated was for your education; you needed it;

My Message is to be called Peace and Love;5

(It’s terrible, I’m too realistic, too sceptic. I can’t help feeling again today doubtful that this is happening. Why, why is it that they believe so fully and constant, and I so inconsistent? I, who know very well that I can’t handle my hand, and know how powerless I become when God takes possession of my hand, how he can throw the pencil off my hand, and how he can move the pencil without me much touching it. It’s happening to me, He has given me so many proofs, and look, waves of doubt, still! And then many times thinking that I might be misguiding everybody! There are so many in this guidance I can’t count! and it’s not even published …)

beloved, I am Yahweh; give Me your weaknesses and let My Strength annihilate them;

(What patience God must have, with me, to stand me … I think the main reason why I have doubts is because of me, because I know myself, I compare myself to those who got a supernatural approach to God and had received Messages, how good they were and how devoted. That is what strikes me, it’s like comparing night with day. I admit one positive thing though, at least I love God deeply, and no one can tell me that this is my imagination or like one priest told me that even that the devil can put in your brain… If I was weak and listened to all what I hear I would have cracked up. Today I heard from a lady (who just started Freud) that all this could be in my subconscious, a love complex for God. Rubbish. To her, if we do have a love for God, it means we are psychologically sick? But her theory or Freud’s does not affect me a bit; firstly, God warned me of these theories already that I will be accused of, also I do not particularly like Freud since he was an atheist, even Jung left him! For Freud we appear to be only material!)

My child, people always judged in human ways; I am a God full of Mercy and Love, but so little understood;

But Lord, You have chosen a ‘no good one’, that’s what brings doubts to me!

you are My daughter too! I love even the most wretched among you;

1 Much later on, in 1996, a friend of mine sent me a picture of the vision that Saint Hildegard had and it was the same.
2 Editor’s Note: Vassula’s brother in law.
3 God made me understand that all those who read His Messages and do get illuminated (an attraction to God again) is enough sign that it’s He who feeds them and the Message is from Him.
4 Editor’s Note: “Ichthys” is the Greek word for “fish”. The Greek initials stand for “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, the Saviour”.
5 With time Jesus is illuminating me that the Ecclesiastical Editions are also meant for Hebrews and Muslims!