April 5, 1987

Vassula, I love you infinitely; I will let you feel My love by letting you feel My Heart;

I placed my hand on His chest and felt His Heart throbbing.

each beat of My Heart is a call to a soul;

I long for My beloved to hear Me and approach Me; today I have taken the essence of your love to Me, to use it for healing a soul, Vassula;

I had felt it ….

creature, live in My Light; 1

I love You, Lord.

woman, live in Me; 2

Teach me to love You more.

beloved, come, let Me hide you in My Heart; 3 work with Me, never weary of writing; do not forget My Presence;

1 The Lord’s tone was strict.
2 The Lord’s tone became milder.
3 The Lord’s tone became very tender full of love.