July 24, 1991


(Message for the Rhodos prayer group.)

My eagerness to preach to them is beyond human understanding and that is why Wisdom is at the door of their heart; no one is worthy of My Wisdom, nevertheless, the Father out of His Infinite Graciousness is willing to give Wisdom to mere children;

ah …. My beloved, you are all My offspring, wretched you have become and still are, yet what Father would ignore his child in his misery and send him away to continue his immorality until Death overcomes him? would he not intervene and quickly rescue him? now that I have lifted you from the pit, lift your gaze on Me; your eyes shall behold Perfection; allow Me to keep house with you, you shall not regret it….

I, the Lord, bless each one of you; be a vessel of light for the others who walk around like tainted vessels, unable to tell their left hand from their right and bring them to Me; I shall give you My Strength, do not fear;

the human race grieves Me to the point of death and My Heart lacerates to watch such iniquity and sin into the world; you, you have heard My laments, because I came near you; you have heard My Voice, rejoice! rejoice and be glad that I healed your eyes that were dim, your heart that was sick with lawlessness; I made you come back to Me through My Mercy and now allow Me to use you all for My Divine Plan, young and old alike;

pray and ask for My guidance; you are very precious to Me; pray without cease for this shall be your nourishment;