May 25, 1991

I have been charmed by Your Perfection,
I have been seduced by Your Beauty;
Your Consuming Love besieged my frailty
to consent and become the victim of Your Love,
but how was I to retract upon seeing so much Beauty all at once?
Your Graciousness mesmerises me all day long;
what spells lie in Your Love?

beloved of My Soul, your eyes have seen My glorious Majesty, your ears have heard My Song of Love and I Myself have put My Own Light in you to make you forever Mine; My Nails and My Thorned Crown I have given to you to show My closeness to you; your Spouse I have become making you My bride to share My Cross as our matrimonial bed; My Passion will seize you to become a copy of Me, your Spouse; I am your Comforter in days of sorrow;

I have chosen you and not you Me, to show you My inexhaustible Riches;

Lord, what do You want me to do for You?

bring back My people to the real Faith based on love; pray that My Church be one, exempt from all evils; expiate, daughter, expiate for the sins and iniquities of the world that so much offend My Sacred Heart …

My daughter and bride, look into your Saviour’s Heart, look inside this Heart that saved you; take My Heart, console it by loving Me; I, Jesus, kiss you on your forehead;