January 9, 1991

(I wept for all the false accusations said about me by “…” and that damage so much.)

flower, this is My Cross too; but allow Me to treat you as I please; your love reaches Me as incense; when a sudden deadly scourge descends on you, My child, offer it to Me; I shall make good use of it; nations1 are at the verge of war, do you understand?! little one, offer Me your sufferings, because there is an anger ready to flame … have My Peace … have confidence in Me, My Vassula; remember, I shall comfort you; then there is your angel by your side to console you and dress your wounds; but for the time being allow Me to leave My Cross on you; courage, daughter! My Cross is heavy and weighing on you, but I know that you will be willing to carry It till the end;

I, the Lord, bless you; I shall reward you in heaven;

(Daniel, my angel.)

your Jesus loves you; it is I, Daniel; remember, the Lord has rested you, but now, would you not want to rest Him too? Vassula, satisfy Him then, and allow Him to crush you with sufferings; there is a big price to pay for Peace, there are many lives at stake; how often does the Lord crush you with such a weight?

Not often.

no, not many times; so the few times He does, accept them and do not be vehement about it; Vassula, all these sacrifices are not going in vain; they fortify you as well; remain in God’s Love;

eager He is, to purify you,
eager be, to glorify Him;
Daniel your angel; d

(I smiled. Somehow my angel always manages to make me smile. I smiled at the prose he has written. That is typical of my angel.)

1 The Gulf War.