December 22, 1990

My Jesus?

I am;

I treat you very gently so that you, as My flower, grow; I want you strong and believe Me I shall make it possible; you shall be strong, daughter, since you carry My Word; in front of you, I Am, to break all barriers that come up while you are witnessing; I am the Most High, and I tell you, daughter, that I shall see to it that no power from beneath stops you from proclaiming My Message;

I have taken you out of the land of Egypt to respond to Me in a foreign land and witness to a people not your own; so although your behaviour was appalling and your senses blemished, unabling you to see the Light, Mercy1 and Compassion was seized by your astounding misery, guilt and wretchedness and came to your rescue;

no-o Vassula, you have not deserved any of My Gifts; why, I had servants in My Hand who honoured Me, never uttering but My Name in holiness, who blessed Me without cease, who praised the Holy Trinity wholeheartedly; but yet My Heart, an Abyss of Love, cried out for you; you had accumulated sorrow upon sorrow in My Heart, treason upon treason; you were wrestling with Me, puny little creature … but I knew that your heart is not a divided heart and that once I conquer your heart, it would become entirely Mine; an object of your era, you were wrestling with Me, but I have thrown you down in the wrestle and dragged you in the dust and into the desert where I left you there, all alone;

I had provided you with a guardian angel, since the beginning of your existence, to guard you, console you and guide you, but My Wisdom ordered your guardian angel to leave you and to let you face the desert on your own; I said: “you are to live in spite of your nakedness!” 2 because no man is able to survive alone; 3 Satan would have taken over completely and would have killed you; My order was given to him too; I forbade him to touch you then; in your terror, you remembered Me and looked up, in Heaven, searching desperately for Me; your laments and your supplications suddenly broke the deathly stillness surrounding you and your terrified cries pierced through the heavens reaching the Holy Trinity’s Ears …

“My child!” the Father’s Voice, full of joy, resounded through all Heaven;

“Ah…I shall now make her penetrate My Wounds4 and let her eat My Body and drink My Blood; I shall espouse her to Me and she will be Mine for eternity; I shall show her the Love I have for her and her lips from thereon shall thirst for Me and her heart shall be My Headrest; she shall eagerly submit daily to My Righteousness; I shall make her an altar of My Love and of My Passion; I, and I only, shall be her only Love and Passion; and I shall send her with My Message to the ends of the world to conquer an irreligious people, and to a people who are not even her own; and voluntarily she will carry My Cross of Peace and Love taking the road to Calvary;”

“And I, the Holy Spirit, shall descend upon her to reveal to her the Truth and the depths of Us;5 I shall remind the world, through her, that the greatest of all the gifts is: LOVE;”

“let Us6 then celebrate! let all Heaven celebrate!”

… I have taken you by the hand and formed you to become a living sign of My Great Love; – a witness of My Sacred Heart, and of the renewal of My Church;

(The Father, then the Son, then the Holy Spirit spoke.)

I am the Resurrection;

(Explanation of this message:

In the beginning when I was suddenly approached by my guardian angel to open the way for the Lord, I, as a ‘professional’ sinner, had no love for God. Even when my angel was telling me things about Heaven, I was just satisfied to be together with my angel. I was not looking for more. When God approached me, replacing my angel, I was somewhat disappointed. I felt Him as a stranger whereas having already been acquainted with my angel, my surprised feelings had turned to love feelings. And then I could not understand why God wanted to take my angel’s place. I even went as far as to believe that God was jealous of the love I was giving to my guardian angel and I felt sorry for my angel.

Later on, after a very painful purification given to me by my angel, God approached again for the second time to take my angel’s place. He stayed with me for a few days, opening my heart slowly, and with Wisdom, so as not to frighten me away. When I’ve just about started to open for Him, He ran away and hid. I turned around to look for my angel and I could not find him either. I felt a few souls7 approach me, begging me for prayers and blessings. I prayed for them and blessed them. Then they asked me to bless them with holy water. I ran quickly to the church to fetch holy water for them, and I blessed them, sprinkling on them holy water. I took the opportunity to ask them whether they had seen where my angel was and The One whom my heart already begun to love, but I did not get an answer.

Every day that went by seemed like a year. I was looking for Peace and I could find none. I was surrounded by many people and many friends but I never ever before felt more lonely and abandoned as those days. It was as though I was going through hell.

Many a time, I cried out for my angel to come back to me, but no, he had turned his back and was gone! “My soul failed at his flight. I sought him but I did not find him, I called to him but he did not answer.” (Song of Songs 5:6.) I roamed for three whole weeks in the desert all by myself until I could not bear it any more. Then out of my distress I cried out to Yahweh, searching Heaven: “Father! O God, take me and use me as You wish, purify me so that You are able to use me!” With this cry coming from the depths of my heart, suddenly Heaven opened, and like Thunder the Father’s Voice full of emotion cried back to me: “I, God, love you!”

Instantly I felt as though I dropped out of a tornado into a beautiful, peaceful world. My angel re-appeared and with great tenderness started to dress my wounds, those wounds I received while in the desert.

This happened during Easter 1986.)

1 Mercy and Compassion = The Lord.
2 I became “naked” as soon as my guardian angel and all Heaven had turned their back to me.
3 Abandoned by Heaven.
4 The Son then spoke.
5 The Holy Trinity.
6 The Holy Trinity spoke.
7 From purgatory.