October 23, 1990

Lord, I am daily facing marvels beyond me and my poor knowledge. To meet You every day in this way is quite beyond my mind!

peace be with you, realise what joy you give Me, little one;

How I wish to be now up with You, do You know that?

My child, yes I know that, but you have to wait, you must accomplish first your mission, it is your due now; fertilise these arid lands with all that I have given you; nourish the lands; I love you to folly, never doubt of the greatness of My Love; alone you are not, never; I am wherever you go, I am your Holy Companion;

Fountain! that turns arid lands into fertile gardens!
Well of Living Water!
give us flowing streams so that we may live …
allow me to share with You Your Cup.

then take My Cup and drink from it, and if you feel faint from its bitterness come and lean on Me, come and rest in Me; Vassula, My property, I, your King, hold you captive of My Love; and I shall be guarding you like a sentinel is guarding a gate; I have given you the gift of My Love, espousing you to Me, so I shall make sure that no intruder trespasses upon My property; My property, now I have turned into a garden where I can go to, and rest; allow Me to breathe in you, allow Me to accomplish My Works in you; be docile and accept Me your Master and King;

Love is My Name, come to Me to eat from My Hand; 1 I shall feed you till the end;

1 Jesus means in this manner with writing which feeds my soul.