March 2, 1990

(Tuesday – Jesus met me again in His Passion and His Cross.)

we are sharing My Passion for the following reasons, My child: for the conversion of souls, for reparations, for all those who distort My Word, for these teachers who assume that I have not risen with My Body, for those who stifle Me, differentiating themselves in Me, for the insincerity that reigns around those who surround My Vicar, for the insincerity that reigns among those who cry out for Peace and Unity but remain lifeless to their word, for those who suffocate the Voice of My Holy Spirit and for all those who continue to live in great wickedness under these skies; beloved, repair for all those souls who lead Me hour after hour on the road to Calvary, all these reparations are not in vain;

Love will assist you too; 1 come;

1 Jesus meant when I shall be living that afternoon His Passion.