December 16, 1989

peace be with you;

sanctity does not come in a day, you need to persevere in this road full of obstacles and little crosses, do not let go of Me; will you continue? will you continue with Me in this road up to the end of it?

I shall not let go of You my Lord, help me so that my fists which are tightly closed on Your Garment, do not go loose.

cling on My Cross and My Cross shall lead you all the way to Perfection, near you I Am, united to you I Am;

pray, My Vassula; for devotion is primarily what comes out of love; I, the Lord, have impregnated you with My Love; I ask each soul to come and thrust herself in this Ocean of Love so that they too may be saturated and feel this Love; I, Jesus, love you all; enter into My Sacred Heart, I long to hide you deep in Its Depths, hide you for always and keep you just for Myself; flower, love Me, love Me, adore Me, adore Me and I shall do the rest; learn to say: “Jesus, make my heart Your resting place; come and rest, Lord;”