December 7, 1989

Since You are One Lord,
bring us to One Faith and One Baptism.
Lord, You are One God who is Father of all,
over all, through all and within all,
we are incapable, all of us,
to come to an understanding,
we are unbending …
will You leave us in this way?

pray for all of you to come to an understanding; I have created you, giving you the freedom to make your own decisions; to be faithful to Me and keep My Commandments is within your power; I have never commanded you to sin, so pray for Wisdom to enlighten this generation, to start telling their right hand from their left;

(This message is for the youngster group I have:)

reveal Me to mankind the way I have taught you: I am a God of Love and Mercy; I am not a complicated God and I never hound anyone to death; realise that I give and ask accordingly, I shall never demand from a soul more than what she can offer, I do not ask more than her capacity offers; I am asking from each one a small return of love, a smile, a thought, a kind word, just one word coming from their heart would be received like a million prayers; this is of considerable importance, even a mere thought … I shall take it ever so preciously;

I love each soul to folly; I am a God ever so Tender and Meek; I am Gentle with My offsprings; whosoever presents Me to My offsprings as a demanding and quick to anger God, is damaging My Church; I am patient and slow to anger but I am quick to forgive and forget;

no one should say that I am only after holy people; I am known to go and find the sick and wretched; their wretchedness attracts Me, their incapacity to reach Me makes Me all the more eager to pull them up to Me and press them to My Heart;

I am Jesus and Jesus means Saviour and I come to save and not to condemn;


My child, do you believe it is I, Jesus, meeting you in this special way?

Yes I do, Lord.

do you believe it is I, Jesus, you see around all the time?

Yes I believe, Lord. – Why are You questioning me, Lord?

to hear you say it, child; be happy then and bless Me, for you are under My Father’s favour; you must work though and elevate your soul constantly; I have given you the grace to see Me with the eyes of your soul and to discern My Voice; do not allow the world to monopolise you now that you do not belong to them; My Wisdom shall enlarge your learnings;

be gentle with the poor like I am gentle with you; plead for their cause; no father deserts his child in the desert so be patient like I am patient with you; daughter, do not try to discover things that are beyond your power for you can be misled by your own presumption and thus mislead others too; trust Me and I shall give you learnings that you can absorb and for your capacity, listen to My Words and never to others’; lean on My Shoulder when you are weary, let My Shoulder be your Head-Rest and My Sacred Heart your Abode;


eat from Me, learn from Me; console My children, will you write now? 1 – I am happy to feel you cling on Me; devotion shall keep your eyes open and your soul far from sleep; come, be glad that I have risen you from the dead and from those who lie years dead and are decomposed;

Jesus, I have asked You this before and I’m asking You again, if it is Your Will, do unto the dead and even the decomposed as You have done unto me, raise them to Life and allow them to live under Your Light.

death shall be swallowed up in victory before the Resurrected One, for I am the Life; I am the Resurrection and Life in Itself and anyone who comes to eat My Flesh and drink My Blood shall have eternal life;

come, I shall dictate to you further revelations on My Holy Eucharist; I, the Lord, bless you for joining Me in this way and for allowing Me to use you to write My Words; work hard, My Vassula; all will not be in vain; come, I shall guide you in all your undertakings; be firm!

(To “be firm” was said just because while I was under dictation, the evil one tried again, suggesting that all this might be coming from my subconscious mind! And so Jesus said to me to “be firm”. Satan is a real nuisance. As for the other demons I do not pay much attention to them, they are also a nuisance but are more or less like flies buzzing around and are fearing me although they’d have liked it to be the other way round. Still, they are malicious and one has to be on guard. These demons are at their best the minute they notice a soul slumbering or weakening, or hesitating. Prayers just “kill” them and keep them off. Faith in the Lord’s Love and Mercy destroys these demons who are “buzzing” close to one’s ears so as to “suggest” us evil, disguised as the Truth and far from Love. This is why the Lord wants us to be aware and in constant prayer. A constant prayer keeps these demons away and Satan himself too. Prayers become a safe barrier around us, keeping away Satan and all other demons. Yes, it’s a constant fight.)

1 I was ‘clinging’ on Jesus. I did not want to leave this instant and let Him ‘go’.