November 3, 1989

Let us join the procession of Your Angels
who are around You my God,
for You are Unique in the Holy Trinity,
and as they praise You without ceasing
and sing to You hymns,
let us too proclaim all Your wonders
around One Single Tabernacle.
I love Your House, my Lord,
make haste to unite us all in Your House,
let Your Angels and Your Saints be the example for us,
let us learn from Them how to adore You
around a Unique Tabernacle.

My flower, everything shall be fulfilled in its own time; in the meantime, be pleasing in My Father’s Eyes, let your ornaments and your beauty be interior, for I look and search scrupulously in each heart; so rejoice Me and be agreeable in My Eyes by ornamenting and embellishing your soul; draw from Me, all that I have is Precious and Life in Itself; draw from My Treasury, I give freely; be thirsty for My Riches and draw from My Heart and fill up yours;

My Vassula, keep doing all the things that you learnt from My Wisdom and have been taught with My Gentle Mastery and have heard from the Voice of the Truth;

be in Peace, remember My Presence;

Yes, my Lord. I bless You.

I bless you and each step you take;


I am; Vassula, plead for faith, remember I can give you faith in its fullness,

I do not even know how to properly ask You for a stronger faith, Lord!

even if you do not know, try; My Mercy is Great, flower, be confident … rejoice Me, My flower, and extinguish a few more fires from the souls who are in purgatory; love extinguishes their purifying fires, remember always this; learn that I use the essence of your love to Me to extinguish their fires and remove them upwards; some can even come to Me finally; I, the Lord, have given you My Word, This is your spiritual Food;

slow down and hear Me; 1 even in your absolute weakness I will be able to give you all My Messages, in spite of your nothingness and your inability to do whatsoever, I, the Lord, shall accomplish My Work; stay small, My child, remain faithful to Me; I, the Lord, love you with all My Heart;

glorify Me and honour Me; receive Me for it pleases Me; allow Me to use you; pray always with your heart; come, we, us?

Yes, my Lord and my Mother.

1 Jesus means not to let my hand ‘run’ before I hear His words.