February 26, 1987

(Beatrice and I flew to Chittagong and from there crossed the river to find the village Diang where we could meet Raymond Dujarrier who is a French, semi-hermit, mystic, Catholic priest, but also Hindu, Moslem and Buddhist. All in one. To exchange a few ideas and show him the writings. He called them: Divine Revelations of the Heart. What he said corresponded very much to the idea of the revelations and their purpose: that they are not for me only but for the benefit of others. Our whole trip went on perfectly smooth as if someone had programmed it. I forgot to mention that the day before our departure for Diang I had a feeling of great distress and was asking myself why I am going to Diang, to show what, to show rubbish? The whole day passed in agony. Then early the same day of our departure the first words appeared: “A liar was guiding you, collect everything and burn it.” I knew then that evil from the day before was trying to stop my trip. A few seconds after this message I felt God’s presence and He wrote: “I will be with you till the end, we are united forever; let My Light shine on you child; I am Yahweh guiding you; glorify Me by loving Me;”)