September 5, 1989

My Lord, I have spent hours meditating upon the fruitless conversation I had last night. I was too distraught to even approach You later on. I did not dare face You, out of shame. What have I said on Your behalf? Nothing. I failed You … I have neither honoured You nor praised You and yet, I delight in nothing but in You, my Lord. I am pining away with love for You, Lord. God keep my heart pure and away from temptations.

My Vassula, feel this love I have for you …

My Mercy is Great and My Tenderness has overcome My anger; My Ways are Holy, daughter, so be holy for I am Holy; may your conversations be like music to My Ears; Wisdom, My child, is your Teacher and Educator; avoid empty talk, avoid useless conversations; be fruitful, speak from My Teachings; I am your Counsellor and advice shall always come from Me; My pupils I want perfect, so be perfect! resent all things that pull you down, like gossip, empty talk; I love you and I want you perfect;

feel My Presence and glorify Me by being My reflection, speak for Me; a pupil who is in My Hands should remain pure and listen to his Master’s Voice;

My Grace is upon you, I desire you to keep and follow My precepts, understand how I have placed you in My Sacred Heart since the beginning; My Spirit is upon you, I blessed you, beloved; courage, all this is not in vain; all you have to do is to love Me, adore Me and allow Me to use your hand; I wish you to be My Echo,

What do You mean, Lord?

I mean you to read out My Messages in prayer meetings; I feel glorified; meditate often and accept all that I give you; flower, I come to you with My Cross, I need to rest for a while, will you bear My Cross for Me?

My Lord, willingly.

do remember what I am giving you; My Cross is precious, lift My Cross, I shall return to unload It from your shoulders later on; My child, I delight in souls who are available for Me; never deny Me whatsoever; be always ready and available for Me, your God;