July 28, 1989



I am; little one, realise how I am Present;

And will I hear You, my Lord?

little one, I want you to hear Me and feel Me; allow My finger to rest on you, allow My Spirit to breathe in you;

O Lord, how I do not deserve all this!

be one with Me … how I, the Lord, love you! see? My Sacred Heart is open and he who wants to step in It is welcome; you are all free to choose; if you choose My Sacred Heart, I will fill you, I will let you live in My Light, you will absorb from Me; I will nourish you, then I shall ask you if you are willing to share with Me; like a Spouse and a Bride we will share and I shall renovate you entirely with My Love;

Lord, make everyone come back to You. Renew our generation as in times past.

come then, come back to Me; I am not rejecting you; I am all Merciful and ever so Compassionate; acknowledge your sins, repent and be Mine; I-Am-He-Who-Saves, I am your Redeemer, I Am the Holy Trinity, all in One; I Am the Spirit of Grace and although your generation calls herself fatherless I am ready to forgive and forget and take back all those who have apostatised; My Holy Spirit of Grace is ready to lift and renew you; why continue to reduce your lands into deserts? are you not weary in having to live in wilderness? return to Me, be one of those who have sought My Wells and have found them; I shall renew you with My Perfection, with My Beauty, with My Glory; I mean to raise you in perfection so that your soul may live;

I wish to speak to My beloved children; 1 I love them and My Love for them is eternal; I have called to show them My Heart and they have heard Me; they heard My cry from My Cross; I always desired to seduce their soul since they are My offspring; I desired this closeness to Me since the beginning of times; and from all eternity I wished them to love Me and adore Me their God; come, I wish to remind them how I can manifest Myself in different ways and in devout souls, revealing My secrets, revealing My Wisdom; I wish them to learn how to discern what comes from the Spirit and what comes from their subjectivity;

since the beginning I have never ceased advising them to watch My Lips; lack of discernment produces unripe fruits, folly, presumption, it can only aggravate their hearts; I have raised them from their lethargy so that they may live, and I have waited for this Hour ever so impatiently; with Me they will learn; understand how My Spirit works; I love you all and I do not wish you to fall into folly, I do not wish you to be misled by your own subjectivity; be humble, stay small and allow Me to feed you in the way I have chosen;

I shall never cease watching over you; I, the Lord, give you My Blessings, My Love and My Peace;

1 The group of Athens.