February 18, 1987

peace be with you;

Vassula, you need not rush, learn that I work gently; keep close to Me; – remember we are in Hades; 1

(Later on:)

My Light covers you; anyone2 who approaches you cannot touch you or harm you; My Light is upon you as a Halo of All Redemption;

your love for Me heals and saves many lost souls, on the way to perdition; Vassula, they3 are like little children left on their own, not knowing which direction to take; they are lost; when I am with them, I feed them giving them love, some of them then follow Me, you are helping them to love Me and follow Me; 4 I am using you, Vassula, in this way;

Should I then be patient with them and pray daily?

yes, have patience with them for they are beloved to Me; heal them, love them, Vassula;

I am teaching you Wisdom, Heavenly works are from Wisdom; understand when I am teaching you;

come, lean on Me, do you wish to leave now?

No, Jesus, we go on.

O daughter, I love you beloved; work with Me and glorify Me; I love your littleness; you are My saturated flower having absorbed Me fully; child, need Me always for without Me you will perish; I will give you all that you lack till the end; let Me completely free with you for I know what your needs are;

(I felt as though I will be unable to take down God’s guidance, for it is difficult as I have all the time interruptions and insults from evil. Sometimes I feel as though God abandoned me completely to be their sport. The more it advances the worse the insults, for a moment I thought God left me. The insults are the worst words one can tell!)

Vassula, will I ever abandon you? I am All Faithful, have you forgotten My words?

It’s my fault. I’m weak!

give Me now your weakness and My Strength will dissolve it;

come, I will sanctify you Myself, I have with you reached My heaven, for in you I find My rest; remember we are united and our bonds are bonds of peace and love; these cords which attach your wrists and feet to Mine are for eternity; for beloved you are Mine; I Myself have purified you uniting you to Me; I have triumphed over you;

I wished that you love Me; have no fear for I am Jesus holding you; with Me you are to be and feel My Presence; all I ask from you is love; do you love Me?

You know I do, Jesus.

love Me without measure; look at Me, have My peace;
is there something you want to tell Me?

Yes, Jesus.

(I felt guilty for having to say this to Him.)

Jesus, although I love taking down this guidance and being with you, I must do other things too!

Vassula, happy are those who withdraw from their occupations and follow Me; you are indeed devoting a lot of your time writing with Me, but let Me tell you something else too; I also love to see you work and accomplish minor duties, duties of small importance, so long as you do them with love; every little work you do, no matter how small and meaningless becomes great in My eyes and pleases Me, as long as these small acts are done with Love; be blessed;

(In the evening we had guests and I was counting plates, napkins etc. I thought I had everything on my tray. I hesitated, and asked, knowing Jesus was with me, “What do we need more?” He answered me without hesitation: “We need love, Vassula;”)

1 Jesus again took me in spirit in Hades, to see the souls.
2 Any persecutor.
3 We are like lost sheep.
4 With our love we can bring people back to Jesus.