November 8, 1991

(England – Manchester)

peace be with you;

My purpose for descending in this way is for your salvation; what I have commenced and blessed I shall finish; tell My children that when I speak to them, using you as a means, I mean Salvation, I mean Peace, I do not mean destruction; but the devil means destruction, for what he means kills; Faithful love leans all the way down from heaven to reach you and offer you His Heart; you are all so very precious to Me; the Holy One is revealing His Face:

I call each one of you without any distinctions; you are all Mine and you all belong to Me and your life is in My Hands perpetually; do not be like those who seem to talk about Unity but yet draw a sword for the ones who practise it; come to Me as one family and we shall all sup together, I and you, you and I; I am allowing everyone to hear My Voice;

I bless you all; adorn Me with prayers from your heart;