August 13, 1989

My child, My Spirit is upon you; My Hand on your hand, My Word on your lips; My Proverbs are your lamp, guiding your step; should you keep your love for Me always and follow My precepts and keep My Commandments, Love and Faithfulness shall never fail you; I shall remain your Hope and you will remain My hereditary child;

I shall overpower all evil, My child, that surrounds you; I shall not stand aside in your misfortunes and you, My child, will proclaim My Righteousness and My Power which save even the corpses that lie in decay; I Am The Resurrection and every nation shall glorify Me and praise Me;

I will be with you till the end;
we? My child?

we? 1 always remember that I, your Mother, am always near you; pray without ceasing;

1 The second “we” was from Our Holy Mother.