April 20, 1988

Lord, my sister asked if it is possible that you bless her crucifix like You have blessed mine, kissing them.

have My Peace, I love you; I want you to discern Me fully, discern Me; yes, I am sitting near you; now that you know where I am, lift to My lips the medallion and the crucifixes Yannula has given you; I will kiss them, blessing them; go ahead, I am waiting; yes, 1 Vassula, do not doubt, write; I am telling you this, whoever wishes Me to bless their crucifixes and medallions I, the Lord, will do it willingly; come, do not doubt;

O Lord, help me to understand all this!

just believe; be simple, be like a child; I love you;

(Later on:)

Vassula, I can flourish My Garden all by Myself, yes, I can renew My Church all by Myself; I suffice by Myself; I am Omnipotent; all I ask from you is love; love Me and allow Me to share these things with you;

O Lord, I love You boundlessly.

flower, have you not understood? have you not observed? come, I will tell you: since the beginning of times I have been showing Myself in various places, to different peoples in different ages; Vassula, how is it that your era cannot observe My Signs anymore? have I, at anytime said, that I will end revealing Myself and My Signs?

your era is dead, and it is through their own finger that they have devastated themselves … I am the Lord of Lords, the Living God; why is it that you want Me silent? why is it that you want Me dead? Vassula, I have been showing you and am showing you what My creation has become; understand, by being bonded to Me, you are being dragged along with Me; I am dragging you with Me, crossing this wilderness, showing you, pointing out all what was, what has been and what is remaining; I am thinning out those briars and cutting out those thorns so that they do not harm you, for if they touched you they would pierce you, ripping you apart, My child, tearing you into shreds; I am with you, opening and clearing your passage; I love you boundlessly and I do not want those thorns to snatch you and pierce you on our way, wounding you to death! I know how their mere approach to you suffices to leave you in total agony; I see all this, My Vassula, and My Heart is profoundly wounded; but, beloved, all these sacrifices are not in vain;

ah, how I love you soul; who seeks Me will find Me; knock and I will open the door; come, I will remind you of My Presence;

1 I lifted each object one after the other, Jesus kissed each one and blessed it.