January 24, 1988

Vassula, I wish to disclose My feelings to (…); hear Me: brother! soul! cast away forever the theory of “God approaching and elevating only souls dedicated to Me;” I do not approach only devout souls; I make no difference; why, am I a God of predilection? My Heart pains Me to see how many of you still believe that My graces are given only to devout sisters or brothers; you see, My child, how little I am understood by My own?

(Jesus sadly bent His Head on one side and lifted His Hand to His Heart. He stayed in this position for a while. He was very beautiful.)

I have approached many who are out of My Church, yes,…wretched souls… 1 converting them into devout followers of Mine; I made disciples out of them; I made saints out of them, yet, many ecclesiastical authorities overlook those works of Mine and ignore them; they have never recognised these souls, they know not about them, many were rejected because of their predilection! the theory of “God approaches only devout souls who wear the habit” is wrong; O how wrong you are!

(Jesus, from being calmly sad, became distressed.)

if you only knew the number of souls I have approached without necessarily wearing the habit, or being devoted to Me, and out of these I made saints!

beloved, have you really forgotten how you yourself scented My Presence? I had bathed you in My fragrance, blessing you! come, you will learn; I have converted many souls with My Message of Peace and Love; lost lambs came back to Me, falling in My arms; rejoice, soul! what greater miracle than a lost lamb who’s found his Master! what greater joy for the Shepherd to find His lost sheep again! 2 announce My Miracles of Salvation to your brothers! to your neighbours! announce the good news, announce My works! let My Works be known, let My Miracle be known;

I have come to you and replenished your lamp; I have given you My Light, do not hide this lamp under your bed, for it is of no use then; come, rejoice brother for I have replenished your lamp that it may shine on a lampstand; let them all see the Light and know that It comes from Me;

announce My Holy Works, honour Me by exposing My Light on the roof of your house so that everyone may see It; let It be seen by all; when they will perceive this Light, they will assemble from far and wide; let them know how I came to you giving you this Light;

have My Peace …

1 When saying this, Jesus said it in a gentle but sad voice.
2 Jesus’ mild tenor voice was full of joy when saying these words. His Heart seemed to explode with joy!