January 10, 1988

My God, it is so good to hear now and then of souls receiving Your Works as I do but in different manner, yet in a supernatural form. Already I’ve heard of two ladies, who get almost the same messages as I receive, but while they’re in ecstasy, like St. John! Given by the Holy Spirit.

I give My Word freely; I always will; please Me, beloved, and pray with Me; My Soul has favoured you; come, let us pray, 1

“Father, Righteous One,
I am willing to do Your Holy Will,
I am willing to proceed
and please Your Heart, ever so Sensitive,
replacing the thorns by my love,
thorns that are still in You; amen”

come, I will teach you another prayer, most effective for reparations; say after Me these words:

“I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You, amen”

But, Lord, this was said by Your angel of Peace at Fatima.

I have taught My angels to pray in this manner;

Yes, Lord,
You are indeed my Hope,
You are my Happiness, my Smile,
in You I believe,
You are my Joy of life, You are my Life,
I adore You and worship You forever,

come now to Me; 2 yes, make the sign of My Cross;

(I got up and went to Him, knelt and crossed myself.)

yes, in Trinity; I love you, daughter; us, we?

Yes, Lord.

tell them… tell them…

(By this the Lord means that in doing the sign of the cross, I’ve crossed myself as the Orthodox taught me. The thumb, index and middle finger together. A Trinitarian sign, confirming the Holy Trinity.)

1 Jesus approached and laid His Hand on my shoulder.
2 Jesus meant by the portrait of the Holy Shroud.