November 12, 1987

beloved it is I, Jesus;
clutch at My Cross, just as I have taught you to do while resting;

(Jesus taught me to hold a crucifix while resting at night. In this way, when I happen to wake up I feel the crucifix in my hand and immediately my mind is on Him.)

never ever leave Me, not even for a second; I am All and Everything; by holding My Cross you both glorify Me and honour Me; I, your God, purify you and console you, My child; so honour your Father who so much sought you when you wandered away from My side, erring from My divine ways; you see, child, you always belonged to Me, now that I have found you, beneath My cape I shelter you and keep you; look!

(I saw Jesus Christ in a scarlet-red long cape. He opened it with both hands showing me a bright glow coming from His Breast. Suddenly like a flash, a tongue of fire came directly on me, piercing me. It was not painful, it only lit my love for Him, desiring Him more than ever.)

My Flame will enkindle your heart; My Flame should stay ablaze forever in you, altar, I have renewed My Flame in you; so that you proceed with My divine Message, since you are incapable of drawing from Me, I then will see to it that My Flame will remain in you ablaze; come, I love your incapacity, because I have given you the grace to realise it; I feel glorified when you need Me for everything; your weakness attracts My Strength, your misery entices My Clemency; love Me, Vassula, share My thorns and nails, share My Cross, crown Me with your love, honour Me with your faith, allow Me to lead you blindly all the way; I will never desert you! believe in every word spoken in the Scriptures;